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Summer Pool Maintenance Tips from Patrick Vogt and the Experts at By The Blade, Part 2

Summer Pool Maintenance Tips from Patrick Vogt and the Experts at By The Blade, Part 2

  • August 15, 2022

If you read part one of our blog, you have already gotten an idea of just how crucial it is to maintain your new pool. In part one of this series, we covered the importance of filter maintenance, water quality, and how often you should check pool baskets & collection pots. These are just a few things that a pool owner needs to monitor on a regular basis.

In part two of this series, Patrick Vogt and his team at By The Blade have listed three more critical tasks if you want to get the most life out of your new pool. Our three points of focus in this blog are water levels, skimming & scrubbing, and preparing for winterization. Once you have these three things mastered, along with the three items in our previous blog, you’ll be sure to have a beautiful pool that even the top Kansas City luxury pool builders would be proud of.

Keep a Close Eye on the Water Level

When the water level changes, it can lead to issues with multiple areas of your pool. When the water level is too low in your pool, it can actually cause your pool pump to run dry or even burn up. This can be an expensive problem and make your pool unsafe to use.

If the water becomes too high, this can also be an issue. The skimmer will not work as it should unless some of the water is removed. After a strong rainstorm or heavy pool usage, check the water levels to make sure they have not increased or decreased to an unsafe level.

Patrick Vogt


Skimming & Scrubbing Your Pool

According to the best luxury pool design companies in Kansas City, two of the most important tasks when it comes to pool maintenance are skimming & scrubbing. Skimming is simply removing any debris from the surface of the pool. This is typically leaves, grass clippings, or small bits of trash. Many pool owners do this daily to keep their pool in tip-top shape.

Scrubbing is more of an “every other week” task. By scrubbing the sides of your pool, you can remove algae growth and help make your siding sparkle. This is yet another important task that comes with being a pool owner.

Start Thinking About Winterization

Even though it’s only August, and you probably have at least another month or two of good pool weather ahead, the best swim spa installation companies in Kansas City say you should always be prepared to winterize your pool. If your pool is not properly winterized, it can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

Make sure your water levels and chemicals are at the ideal levels before winterizing your pool. Then you should focus on removing all extra water from the plumbing lines and cover up your pool to keep debris out until the next pool season starts.

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If you want your very own backyard paradise, our experts at By The Blade can make that a reality. Our owner, Patrick Vogt, and his team of pool design experts, have years of experience in pool construction. With our expertise and your vision, you can have the pool or spa you’ve always dreamed of.

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